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The Process

3D Scans

The Evaluation Process


The doctor will meet with the patient and available family members to gain a better understanding of the nature of their concerns. The doctor will then obtain further information about the individual’s medical, social, emotional, or behavioral concerns and history. She will then tailor the evaluation to meet the patient’s needs.

Testing sessions:

Evaluations typically are scheduled over the course of two sessions.  For some types of evaluations, a third session is planned.  In general, testing sessions are each comprised of  up to two hours of face-to-face time. If an individual has difficulties that prevent them from being able to conform to our testing sessions we will always attempt to meet their needs. We treat each person as an individual. 

Test Scoring and Interpretation:

Dr. Messing and Dr. Capovani analyze and interpret test performance in order to determine the nature of the difficulties. When interpreting tests, the doctor looks at more than just the scores; she also reviews the individual’s medical, social, emotional and behavioral history as well as in-office presentation. The doctors review all of these factors when making their diagnostic conclusions and recommendations. 

The Results:

The doctor provides a written report that is tailored to the unique needs of the individual whom she has tested. Within the report she presents comprehensive findings of her evaluations including her diagnostic conclusions and recommendations. The doctor encourages patient’s and/or their appropriate family members to have an appointment  to review these results.  Dr. Messing will make recommendations and assist the individual and/or their family in developing a plan tailored to address their unique concerns. 

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