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Memory Assessments

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Get Diagnosed Early

Are you worried about your memory? Many people are, particularly if they have had family members or close friends who have suffered from Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia processes. Dr. Messing specializes in assessment of memory. Many conditions can cause memory loss. These include normal aging, Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy Bodies, vascular conditions, Parkinson’s disease, hypertention, hypothyroidism, medication effects, and depression; to name a few. Brief screenings and brain scans typically ordered by an M.D. only rule out certain conditions, and often are only helpful in diagnosing a person after their condition has progressed to a more severe degree.


Memory assessment, such as that performed by Memory Testing Center, are the most definitive way to determine if an individual’s memory is normal for their age and medical history.  If there is any cause for concern, an evaluation with Memory Testing Center can diagnose an individual at an early stage of difficulty. Often, our evaluations are the first line of defense in protecting the brain health of an individual, as early diagnosis leads to proper treatment. Many conditions that cause memory problems can be treated. If a condition cannot be reversed, early diagnosis can add years of quality to the life of an individual and their family. 

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